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Instructor: Susan Morris
Certificate Elective
Prerequisite: None
Fee: $60 museum members/$110 nonmembers
Dates: Sunday 9 – 3pm
Dec 10

So, you’re entering a show, or your work has been accepted into one, and now they want you to include a one page “Artist Statement”, or an “Artist’s Bio”. Holy Cow! What’s that and how do I write one? What do I say? What’s in it? This one day low stress workshop will answer all those questions and help you create these documents. Get the help you need putting into words who you are, why you see things the way you do, what you are trying to say with your art, and what you have accomplished so far. This workshop will also cover business cards and other promotional materials that help you present yourself as an artist. Don’t miss this important step in your portfolio preparation.
Price $60.00 USD